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      Hope someone can help……. Recently purchased my Bavaria 32..”jester” (first ever boat) and had it transported to my local marina. Unfortunately there was no record kept of which colour went to which colour when the mast was taken down.

      I have the following wires……

      From the Mast > 2x Brown / 2x Blue / 2x Green & yellow.

      From the Switchboard > 1x Green / 1x Grey / 1x Yellow / 1x Blue / 1x Black. ( The first four do have numbers on them 1 – 4 )

      It might be nice to have some lights working on the mast and if anyone can help I would be most grateful.

      Many thanks…..



        Don’t have a diagram but perhaps you could switch on at control board for each function, note which wire has power to it. Then apply 12 volts to each wire on the mast, note which light is activated etc., or is it more complicated than that?


          Thanks for that, I have sort of tried that method but was rather hindered being single handed at the time, will try again this weekend although the other potential problem is that being a brokerage boat that had already been dismasted once (on its journey from Wales to Southampton) I have no idea which, if indeed any of the lights actually worked at all.
          Was hoping someone had that section of cabin lining out or on velcro as mine is (slightly worrying?) and could give a definitive colour to colour so I would know if there was a problem elsewhere.

          Thanks again……..Paul



            I have the wiring diagramme on the boat from when I last took the mast out I will be going down this weekend and bring it back. We are a 36 but it should be the same.

            Regards, Keith & Carole Wave Dancer


              Hi WaveDancer

              I wouold be grateful for a copy of the mast wiring diagram too if I could please?!!

              Many thanks

              Steve May.


                😀 😀 😀 Thanks for that Wave Dancer.
                I have been messing around again and get various lights on with different permutations of wiring and switches so a definitive would be most welcome.




                  Not sure whether this will help but on the 36 it is wired as follows.

                  From mast Brown no1 toGreen
                  Brown no2 top Purple
                  Green/Yellow no3 to Yellow
                  Joind Blue no 4 to Blue

                  Not he same as yours but it give you a start.

                  Regards, Keith and Carole


                    Thanks again…….

                    On board this weekend will try to sort out the wiring again & hopefully have a full set of working mast lights.

                    Regards……… Paul


                      Hooray……..Working lights on Mast, bad news….. I have a bulb gone at the top !!!!!

                      Anyway, for anyone else out there with similar problems below is how mine all connect up. Details are from Control Panel to Mast:

                      Masthead Light- Green (No 1) to Brown (No 1)
                      Steaming Light- Purple (No 2) to Brown (No 2)
                      Deck Flood Light- Yellow (No 3) to Green/Yellow (No3)
                      Neutral- Blue (No 4) to Blue (I have 2 blue from mast)
                      Tri-Colour Light- Black (no number) to Green/Yellow (no number)

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