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      Has anybody managed to remove the raw water (seawater) pump to enable a shaft renewal without dismantling the engine or removing it from the boat. The 2 x 12mm nuts on the front are easy, but why oh why are the other 2x 12mm bots fitted from the back into tapped holes and whilst you can just about touch the bolt heads you cannot get a spanner or socket onto the bolt heads and turn them. Also why when you order the shaft kit from the local Volvo agent as shown on their drawings with a part number for the whole kit, it comes out minus the O ring and seal for the impeller side of the shaft. When asked Volvo agents response was it is not on the list. Everyone I have shown the parts drawings and list to thinks, like me, that it clearly indicates “all” the parts are included. So I now go elsewhere for my spares and so do other members of the sailing club. (Rant over)
      Any guidance on removal of the pump would be welcome.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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