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      Ours failed and caused consequential problems, and i note from reading around the net that there are lots of problems on bavarias and md2020’s with impeller failure.

      Has anyone else had problems like this and what have you done to try and resolve the issues?

      Many thanks in advance of any replies



        Dont know specificaly about your engine as our boat has the MD2030.
        I change the impeller every year regardless of condition & have never yet had a problem.
        I believe leaving the boat for long periods can have a bad effect on the impeller as well, as its sits in the same postion with out moving.
        After all its only a piece of rubber & it will only degrade / perish over time & use.


          Has anyone fitted an aftermarket “easy access” impellor housing (thumb screw type)?

          Are they as good as they appear? Where did you source yours from?


            yep. I did.
            Brilliant bit of kit.
            It is only the impellor cover plus thumscrews but is a lot easier to get on and off when the impellor is fitted behind the fixed bottom step!.
            Available from http://www.speedseal.com.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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