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      Hi everyone.
      Can anyone point me in the right direction for an inexpensive marina berth in the Eastern Med for my Bav42? Thanks


        This is probably no use at all but……..

        San Carles de la Rapita is by far the cheapest on the east coat of Spain, not bad too! Just a long way on public transport from airports.

        I am looking for a berth in Canary Islands, the 2 marinas in Lanzarote were ok(ish) until the pound took it’s nose dive and are now dearer than the Uk (except South coast). I’m still going there because I can’t stand another English “summer”.

        I suppose that the message is to get out of the euro zone if poss.




          Thanks for the reply to my post Derek. appreciated. Will keep that one on file. cheers


            Hi ,
            in Croatia the best marinas are ACI marinas , not chep but very safety and good organized .Im in Cres and pay for B 37 about 4000 E year.
            best regards


              Greece always used to be the cheapest option, however these are difficult times for them, and costs are rising.
              We’ve been in Preveza, Ionian for some time and have been very happy with Preveza Marine (there is also Aktio Marine and Cleopatra yards next door). This is a lift out option rather than a Marina and it works very well.
              They are very efficient, costs are lower than pontoon berthing, there is no risk to the yacht when you are away (it will not sink), they will launch at the time and date you request.
              There can be a bit of hassle getting there, picking the best low cost flights, sometimes via Corfu or Athens. We take the view its all part of the getaway!



                We are in Croatia at Marina Kastela near Split. Not the cheapest but it’s only 20 minutes by bus from the airport with daily flights to Gatwick. We have been there for 4 years as have a number of other Brits. Excellent yard in the marina with a large lift etc.


                  Thanks for all the replies. Im sure others with find this information useful also. Keep the marina info coming. rgds


                    Has anyone had any experience with Kalamata marina in Greece?

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