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      Many of the Bavaria Motor Boat range are fitted with the Volvo D4 and D6 engines combined with DPH outdrives. The hydraulic steering rams have seals that are prone to leaks and Volvo have upgraded them a number of times to try and cure the problem. I am on my fourth set of rams! Bearing in mind that these rams are cost around £600-£700 each plus labour and of course a lift out this is not a cheap problem to cure, but the good news is that this is a known issue and, although it takes some time and effort, normally Volvo will assist. So far I have been refunded in full by Volvo. How do you know your rams are leaking? Check the steering fluid reservoir – normally in the engine room, if the fluid is white or milky then water is getting in and you should get this checked out by an engineer ASAP or it could also start to affect the hydraulic pump as well. As I mentioned there have been several modifications to the rams with new materials, a gaiter fitted to stop fouling and an earthling strap to reduce corrosion. I am not convinced they have fully sorted the problem but time will tell. If your boat has this problem (whether it is under warranty or not) contact Volvo, explain this is a known fault since manufacture, is a safety issue and ask for them to foot the bill. Often they will offer to make a contribution to the costs and it depends on how old the boat is on how generous their offer will be. If you are not satisfied then take the matter further within Volvo (I ended up emailing Volvo Sweden and eventually they paid all my bills including the lift out). The address to contact is Volvo Penta, Imperial Park, Imperial Way, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD24 4AW Tel: 01923 228544 . James Clabburn is the Market Support Manager has been very helpful in the past. Let me know if you have or have had these issues with your BMB as I have been through the process (more than once!) and it may be an issue we can take up with Volvo if the problems persist.

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