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      Hello All,

      I recently purchased the Bavaria 40 Ocean, Nashira, in Hobart and I am now representing that “Username” in the BOA Forums.

      Firstly, I would like to commend the previous owners of Nashira for its top condition; she is in very good to excellent condition in all respects – as confirmed by the Pre-Purchase Survey. Thank you Graham and Bob. I was fortunate to have been observing Nashira the previous 18 months prior to my purchase as I am also a Member of the Bellerive Yacht Club in Bellerive, Tasmania. It’s a fortunate circumstance when one can find a boat one really likes for sale in the same Club or nearby.

      I had a sweet Hutton 28, Sandy T, which I was quite happy to have as my First Boat. I’m sure we all fondly recall that First One – and all the lessons learned about maintenance, equipment, priorities and , sometimes, even sailing. I am a single-hander by preference, which was ideally suited to the smaller Sandy T, but I hope to be able to adapt single-handed techniques to safely manage Nashira with compensatory strategies. We shall see…

      As it is early days with me and Nashira, it is likely I’ll be more of an information seeker than an information provider; however, I have found the cruising and sailing forums on other sites an invaluable “real world” source of feedback regarding just about anything. I would expect a similar experience with the BOA and, I would hope to be able to offer my own experiences with Nashira to our membership.

      That’s enough for now.



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