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      am i the only one thats fed up with the negative reviews on bavaria yachts in the sailing magazines i have been on some yachts that have been put together by mfi and are more expensive and still get better write ups are the reveiwers biased in any way wooden yacht sailors maybe. we love our bavaria she sails just fine you get a lot of boat for the price and less problems than some of the other new boats so whats the problem.


        Totally agree. Yachting Monthly’s review of the 50 Vision this month was a disgrace!

        They just didn’t want to like it.

        Expressions like ”She SEEMED to stand up to her canvas well” and ”hardly taxing conditions” are very faint praise. ”7.7 knots is not a great speed ”….well MUPPETs …. suggestion for you … instead of taking the boat out in 8 knots true wind …. I don’t know…. um…let me see …..no….can’t think of an answer !!

        Oh, and let’s not forget the ”low-tech” gas struts on the cockpit lockers. Perhaps an elastic bungy would have been better.

        Summary: adequate…not bad…not exceptional….not a bit special.

        Now of course let’s turn out attention to the oh-so amazing Rassey in the same magazine. Expensive…heeled at 30 degrees….difficult close-quarters manoeuvering….the wash hand basin on the opposite side to the heads (that’s NICE!!)…. slow… but ” a yacht to last a lifetime”

        As opposed to what????

        Voted with my wallet ….. cancelled my subscription 😀


          I agree with the comments regarding negative reviews of Bavaria Yachts. I am the proud owner of a Bavaria and I did my research before I bought it. I knew I was buying a budget production boat so I was prepared to overlook some of the minor faults and bring the boat up to a standard I could afford. That is one of the choices you get with a Bavaria. You can sail on your own budget. Nothing is perfect in this world whether its a Malo, a Moody or a Bav.

          When I bought my Bav I had my leg pulled by my 4 crew mates because I had settled for a “production plastic tub”. Now, three years on, they are very complimentary regarding her performance and love all the home comforts.

          A Bavaria is great value for the type of sailing that most of us do.

          Also several Bavarias took part and succesfully completed the 2006 and 2007 ARC.

          When I win the lottery I will buy a Malo and I promise I will post the snagging list on the BOA Forum.

          John Linsdell


            It appears that we are all starting to notice that the yachting magazines try very hard to keep our Bavarias in their place.
            Lets face it, they have to so as not to upset all the other boatbuilders who advertise with them. No one can compete with Bavaria on price and if the yachting press reported just how good the product is, many of their advertisers could go out of business.
            Like most other owners, i was able to find fault with my B34 and i have listed the most serious ones on the forum. However, i have looked at many other boats, far more expensive and find them all lacking in some way or simply too expensive for what you get.
            It has taken me several major cruises to Southern Ireland and Scotland to grow fond of my B34, but now i have stopped looking for a replacement and instead, enjoy upgrading her for heavy weather sailing. We are currently upgrading the washboards and sliding hatch to RORC standard, having just read the report on the 1979 Fastnet.
            My biggest complaint is my inability to have any sort of relationship with the builder, Bavaria. has anyone managed to have direct contact with them. If we could achieve this we could help improve the brand.

            Perhaps we should start writting a few articles to our favorite yachting publications to advise them that we have noticed their lack of enthusiasm and invite them to look at some of our boats that are standing up well to the rigours of prolonged cruising and the test of time.


              another bad reveiw in pbo on the new 38 this time just spouts pure hatred for anything bavaria i will not buy this magazine again this is the only recourse i have

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