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      We have a 4 cabin 44, and there is a holding tank in the forward heads, in the former ‘hanging locker’ behind the toilet. The system was a retro fit by the previous owner. The tank is by TEK TANKS, and there is a diaphragm pump to discharge overboard. The system allows direct toilet discharge to sea, through the original sea cock, or discharge to the holding tank, by use of 3 way diverter valves. There is also a deck pump out.
      The system works perfectly, BUT in my opinion this is due mainly to ‘toilet habits’. We are well travelled and thus used to the requirements in many countries of not putting anything except human waste through the toilet system. You know the rest.
      One of my (many) Winter projects is to install a second holding tank in the aft heads, in the hanging locker aft of the toilet. I will probably have the same system again, although the tank will be larger, as the locker has a bigger ‘footprint’. I will use different sanitary hose, specifically the more flexible (and more expensive!) butyl rubber type, mentioned in a PBO article.(Dec 2010 – page 66).
      Both Tek Tanks and Leesan have a lot of information on their websites, and Tek Tanks in particular have about 12 different layouts to choose from.
      If anyone on here has a 44 with aft holding tank, perhaps they could describe the layout and their experiences?

      The aft hanging locker is an irregular shape, so to maximise the tank volume it will be necessary to have a tank of a similar shape. The first mock up was in cardboard and while it did fit, it was too flexible to obtain accurate measurements for the manufacturers. The mark II is in plywood
      and is a success. However, before I place the (expensive) order, is there anyone out there who has a retrofit aft holding tank in a 44, who could give me the benefit of their experience and the dimensions?
      Any help would be very much appreciated.



        I retrofitted the holding tank in our Bav36 (2002) 2 cabin version and used the standard Bavaria tank which I obtained from Clipper Marine. It looks a bit like the one in your photo. I did this because the boat is in Greece and I could be sure that it fitted. It was probably more expensive that going to another supplier but gave me some peace of mind that it would fit. Clipper marine were quite helpful.



          We have a Bavaria 34 on which we have fitted a fiberglass holding tank that we built ourselves at a very low cost. It was simple to make and we were able to exceed the capacity offered by the standard tank by using the space available ahead of the fuel tank and below the floor in the Starboard locker. The top fitting which incorporates all the pipe connections and is removable, was purchased from Cleghorn & Waring. I have tried without sucess to upload photographs. If anyone wants full details and Photographs my email is alanburns1@talktalk.net


            Thank you for the responses – useful information. I am going to make my tank larger than originally planned, so that it extends to port and the lower angled side will be up against the moulding, thus providing more security.
            I will post again after the week-end, and also explain how to upload photos! (here is a clue – one way is, photobucket click on Img)
            In the longer term I intend to write about the whole process for the benefit of others who may want to do the same.



              See the thread below which takes you through how to upload pictures…



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