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      On our previous boat we carried on using the genoa supplied as new until it was so tired that all it was good for was to be converted into a garden awning. When we planned to change up to our Bavaria 37 we promised ourselves that we would buy laminate sails from day one. However as before, when it came to the crunch, the budget ran out before laminate sails were ordered.

      Two years later we treated ourselves to a new genoa with all the kevlar fibres etc. (We ordered it from Momentum and have been very pleased with the performance so far, and let’s be honest it looks good too)

      Rather than condemn the orginal genoa to the loft we got it cut down from 135% to 100%. For working up wind in anything over a F3 it works very well, points higher than before, and we can see where we are going without straining to peer under the genoa to leward. The sailmaker cut it to work with the std. genoa track and for 460 Euro we have an additional headsail and don’t have to use our new sail when we would need to put 3 or 4 rolls in it.

      Richard and Jane


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