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      Hello everyone.
      Just joined the owners association.

      We have been Bavaria owners since 2004 when we purchased Boogie (renamed Renovatio). Both Cindy and I learned to sail at school many years ago. We have owned boats since 1983 progressing from a Wayfarer to large power boats, ribs and on to Westerly’s.
      As an engineer I always carry out all maintenance myself, from engine changes to battery top ups. From fitting 3kv inverters to changing the sail drive gators.

      We have cruised from Belgium and Northern France, Dover to the Scillies.
      We have raced yachts from Fireball’s to Elan 410’s. We race every year race in the Little Brittan challenge cup, and some other friendly construction charity events in chartered vessels.

      We have just purchased a new Bavaria 37 cruiser (delivery March 6th 2015), and have decided to join the owners club to meet like mined people, make the best of our sailing, pass on any acquired knowledge, and have some more fun!

      Looking forward to making new friends and meeting everyone. 8)

      Best regards.

      Cindy and Anthony.


      Welcome to the BOA.

      Whereabouts will you be keeping the boat? There is a good range of rallies, which is a great way to meet the other members.

      I’m currently at Gosport, but moving to the Hamble in April.

      Hope to see you at an event



        Hi Bob, we are keeping the boat at Port Solent. Best for us. We were at Southsea for seventeen years, then Wicor for a year, and finally at Port solent in a private berth for the last year. Before that we were at Brixham and when the kids were small we trailer sailed 8) tugging the boats behind a Landrover 🙂
        looking forward to meeting new peeps and having a beer or two, be good to meet you.

        Best regards.

        Ant and Cid


          Hi Ant,
          We are also in Port Solent,in Oyster Quay ,with our 34 Wish,just by the pub.
          Always available for a chat.
          There is another new 37 called Iliios in Oyster Quay too
          Look forward to meeting you
          Clive and Denise


            Hi Clive and Denise, we used to have a berth near to you on P12 we were the Bavaria 32 that always came in stern first? Often seen you on board with a G&T in your hands. 8) We have seen Iliios managed to get their 37 in. We were refused permission to put our 37 on any of the P berths. Too long apparently? We tried to get the berth just down from you on P51, but again refused. We have now a deal on G35 in the main marina. Ouch!! ££££
            Taking delivery on the 6th March, so that weekend will be fitting all the bits and bobs that are currently filling our study. Pop down and say hi if your about.

            best regards

            Ant and Cid


              We are on D47 in Port Solent with an old (2006) 37 called Mistral. Currently out of the water on the west hard standing.

              Would be good to meet some of you also in PS. Good luck with the delivery and fit out and look forward to meeting you

              Simm and Maria


                We are on D47 in Port Solent with an old (2006) 37 called Mistral. Currently out of the water on the west hard standing.

                Would be good to meet some of you also in PS. Good luck with the delivery and fit out and look forward to meeting you

                Simon and Maria


                  Simon and Maria. Pop down to see us over the weekend of the 7th March if you are about. Be good to meet you.

                  Ant & Cid


                    Hi Cindy & Anthony!
                    Welcome to the BOA.

                    I’m sure that you will love your new boat….nothing like it!

                    We are down in Haslar at the moment but moving back to Ocean Village come April.
                    Hopefully see you out on the water over the coming season.

                    All the best
                    Steve & Faith


                      Hi Cindy and Anthony
                      Welcome to the BOA.
                      We joined last season and enjoyed the rallys & meeting great people.
                      Look forward to seeing your new Bavaria out on the Solent and would love a report on how she handles.
                      I also have been looking at that model but wont be changing for a few years yet.
                      Russ & Lisa
                      Jazzmine (Gosport)


                        Russ & Lisa. Hi. RE performance; We test sailed a 37 cruiser and a Hanse 38. The Hanse was a tad faster on a reach and down wind, but we took a few waves from a ferry and the Hanse slammed like Dory. The Bavaria seamed to cut through and was more seaworthy. Especially in following sea. The Hanse had a few good points like a bigger galley on the two cabin version, and access to the lazerete (3rd cabin location) through a door at the end of the galley. But being all year sailors, good sea-keeping and a better standard of finish were more important. Also there were a distinct lack of rails and handholds down below compared with the Bavaria. We have always fitted Brunton auto-props to our sailboats and ambassador rope cutters. They add a good knot to the top speed under engine power and a much better performance under sail. We are fitting both to the new boat in August, when we cash in the kids endowments 🙂
                        It will be good to compare standard prop and the Brunton to performance and ability to punch in to wind over tide, this set up made a big difference in our 32. Hopefully I can do an article for BOA and let folks know what performance we get. We went for in mast furling, it will be interesting to see how this performs on a beat too. We will keep you updated on progress and look forward to meeting you and other BO’s this year.
                        Best regards Ant and Cid.

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