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      Just joined up and saying hello. We have are in the process of changing over from Power to Sail and have gone for a 2 cabin 36 Cruiser. She should be delivered at the end of May. Both me and SWMBO are novice sailors about to embark on a steep learning curve – can’t wait!


        Hi Rispster

        Welcome to the BOA, especially as a convert from the ‘dark side’!

        Are you the gent who has been fairly active on Scuttlebutt on the subject of changing from Power to Sail?

        Where are you based now? If you are Solent or West Country based you should try to get to one of the frequent BOA rallies. They are a great way to meet like minded sailors (and occasional power boaters now). You are also assured of a berth (important on summer weekends in the Solent) and usually someone will also be there to help you berth.

        If you need any advice about the boat or sailing in general just ask – someone on here will usually be able to help (although this Forum can be a bit slow compared to the YBW ones).

        If you haven’t done any sailing before then a practical sailing course can be an accelerated way to learn. Alternatively, you could invite a seasoned sailor onto your boat for a few day sails and learn that way (which is how I got started). Whatever you do in the first few weeks, don’t go out when it’s rough and frighten yourself!

        Have fun



          Hi Ripster and Welcome!

          If you are down Southampton way and want to meet up / pop out and praqctice putting the “rags” up and down etc. give me a shout!

          All the best – and welcome again…… to the quiet side!


            Many thanks for the good wishes and kind offers of help to a newbie sailor. The boat will live in Torbay and yes once me and SWMBO have the hang of things and can at least catch the wind, we’ll join in on a rally or two. We have both been Power boaters for some years now so at least we have awareness of the col regs, tides, weather etc., its the saily bit that’s new! Still we are both really looking forward to it and will shout when we need some advice. 🙂

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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