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      G’day All
      I have a Bavaria 34 and am looking at getting the standing rigging replaced.

      Has anyone had this done on a similar size yacht and what were they charged..

      Further can anyone recommend a rigger on the South Coast.

      Any help would be appreciated


        Martin Leaning in Port Solent is good or if you can get hold of him Jerry the Rigger.
        My 34 is in Port Solent.


          Where abouts on the South Coast?
          I know a good guy in Gosport.


            No association – just a satisfied customer…


              I’ve always had good service from Holman Rigging based at Chichester Marina. I had all the standing rigging on my 2002 vintage B32 replaced about three years ago, cost circa £1500 (there were other bits done at the same time so can’t give an exact price for the rigging).

              Hope that helps….

              Ian Culley/Another Fantasy


                Hi Ian
                We have always used Alladins Cave at Deacons on the Hamble. Totally straightforward. Talk to David.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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