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    Just want to say a big “well done” on the new website. Looks great!



      I agree – it does look visually stimulating!

      However, what is going wrong on the events page?
      The links appear to be broken?


        I had the same problem. The work around is to log out and log in again manually, not allowing the system to enter the password for you. The impression i get is that there seems to be a problem if you are expecting the system to log you in automatically.
        Getting into the forum seemed to cause difficulties as well, work around was to use the ‘Go to Forum’ under the Register text, then Forum was entered.


          Thanks – I’ll give it a go.

          I do agree with the “Go to forum” advice too…. only way I get in!
          Just really do not like having to manually sign in though I guess 🙁


            Sorry about these glitches people, we’ve had some technical problems on moving the forum to the new server (different php version which the forum sftware didn’t like). All should now be fixed though.

            You’ll always have to login as we have a firewall installed (to stop the hackers), but the easiest solution is to get your browser to remember your login details and it will prefill the boxes for you so you just have to hit the login button.

            Lots more work to be done, so please bear with us. The member directory on the website is now up and running and allows you to filter results and search for a specific boat name or location, which is a big step forward from what we used to have.

            All suggestions for other facilities are welcome.

            Glad you like it overall though.

          Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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