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      In these windy days of last week I got to try out my no3 genoa for the first time on my 2004 Bav 38. However I was distinctly unimpressed with the boat speed generated despite a sail that appeared to set quite well but with a bit of fluttering on the leach which could be reduced, but not eliminated, by tightening the leech line and moving the car position forward. In a bid to reduce the noise of the leech flapping which at time sounded like a huey chopper approaching, we let off the mainsheet and hey presto, the noise went and the boat speed increased.

      My question to you sail trim experts out there is:

      Did letting out the main close the slot, which was too big for a non overlapping genoa, and thus improve the power produced by the main?

      Should I try and close the gap by bringing the sheeting position inboard?

      Does the sail need to be recut? Its new, but made by HK sails.


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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