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      Being an older couple coming up to retirement and obviously suffering from senile dementia it seemed an awfully good idea, with our VERY limited sailing experience, to buy a yacht and perhaps head South to warmer climes. Consequently we are now the owners of an Ocean 47 circa 2000. Although the boat attracts a great deal of admiration nobody seems to know a great deal about them. We have been told that only 25 were produced and production stopped because a) they cost too much to build or b) they came out when centre cockpit boats were slightly out of fashion.

      Hours spent surfing the net have resulted in a complete lack of any substantial information in the way of reviews, write ups or even mentions. I therefore wondered whether any of the old Bavaria hands may have any background on them.

      ( Parting Waves* – Shotley Marina )

      * ( Shortly to be re-named, people think we are hairdressers!! )

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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