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      We’re considering changing our 2000 B31 for a similar age of B40. Does anyone have any comments on these models?

      In particular…

      Are they easily handled by two people?

      What is the sailing performance like?

      How seaworthy are they?

      Anything to look out for?

      Build quality of that generation?

      Comparisons with similar size yachts in that price range, e.g. Oceanis 411/393, SO 39, Moody S38, etc?

      All advice welcome.




        Hi, I have a Bav 40 similar to the age you are considering.

        We find it easy to handle by two persons. The sailing performance is good, especially since I have changed the main to a MaxiRoach which is a furling main with larger roach and vertical battens. I now have on order a new radial cut foresail with vertical battens. If you are looking at a 2000 boat with the original sails, they may be getting a bit tired. We find it very seaworthy and have crossed the channel many times in varying conditions. Ours had a problem with leaks from the stanchion posts and pulpit posts. It is easy to cure but some of them are difficult to get at as it has to be tackled from inside. The build quality is good and I am told that earlier boats are built better than later boats but I do not have any evidence to that effect. I was originally looking to buy a 38 but could not find one but now I much prefer the 40. If I had a choice when I was buying I would have gone for the lead keel version.

        I am not sure where you are based but you are always welcome to have a closer look or even a sail.



          Thanks for the info John. We looked at a boat on Saturday and liked what we saw.

          Your comment about the stanchions may be appropriate, as there was some water in the bilge, and quite a lot of water (about 4″) at the front of the engine compartment. The boat has been on the hard since the end of last season, so I presume it is rain water coming in somewhere.

          There was also a little bit of damp, i.e. blackening of the wood, at either side of the companionway, so maybe some rain has been getting in around the hatch. Hopefully that can be rubbed down and re-varnished.

          I’m not sure, but this one may have a lead keel. It has a draft of 2.1m and a huge bulb on the keel. I think it has a larger than usual ratio of 3040kg ballast to overall displacement of 8950kg, if the blurb is correct.

          The hull is more full than other bavarias I’ve seen, which I like, and I like the deep keel. I too have heard that the boats up to end 2001 were better build quality. What that’s based on I’m not sure.

          The sails are original, but I don’t think the boat has been heavily used. They’ve also been valated and repaired, so would do for now.

          We’re in Scotland, so a test sail on yours probably isn’t feasible, but thanks very much for the offer anyway.

          I’ll keep you posted.



            Hi Alistair,

            One other thing I forgot to mention. Check the wiring etc inside the chart table door behind the switch panel. Look for signs of corrosion as water can leak in fron the stanchion base above it. There may be a small pool of water resting in the ledge just below on the inside of the hull.

            Good luck, I dont think you will be disapointed especially if it has a lead keel. The draft on mine is 1.95 and I know the lead keel draft is slightly more.





              Thanks for all your advice. We are now about to be the proud owners of a 2001 B40! The survey was pretty good, just a small bit of teak deck to repair, but the previous owner is getting that repaired prior to handover.

              There is no corrosion in the instrument panel cupboard.

              The draft on this one is 2.10m and when I scraped back some of the bulb antifouling it did look like lead. I’m looking forward to seeing how she sails.

              So, if you know anyone who is looking for a lightly used 2000 B31 in excellent condition, …



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