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      What a shame

      It seam’s this site for topic’s etc is getting less and less every time I log in and go to the forum site I expect to see something new in the hints & tips or found it section but it just seams to be every other month now a days I see another site which I know is free but the money to join here does not bother me but its a shame its not getting as much hits as bavariayacht site.



        That’s fair I guess, but we are all to blame on that one…… unless we share our trials and tribulations the site can become a little stagnant.
        It’s only by sharing a post that we can generate input from others and bring the site to life!


        It is a fair comment. One of the problems before was that the forum was hidden behind the old website and was difficult to get to, resuting in not that many members using it.

        Now it’s accessible directly frm the main navigation it is much easier to access, and also Google can see and index it, which should result in it attracting more traffic and participation.

        I think we need to give it time, but the traffic is already showing an increase since the new website went live.

        CaSam is rght though, the BOA is an asociation of members for the benefit of members. We all need to take part and share, otherwise the facility along wth the assocation will cease to be.


          Having recently joined the BOA, I now realize that I was a bit hasty to sign up & spend my money! There doesn’t seem to be any improvement in the forum use since these comments, the main reason I joined, and the last yearbook was 2 years ago and the last emag 3 years ago!. Feels like it’s run its course and run out of wind which is a shame.

        Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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