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      Hi I have a leak at the conection from the heater tank to the red plastic outlet pipe can we put a new conecter on without replacing the whole pipe and how does the conecter come out of the pipe ❓



        This is a common problem and often indicates a split in the pipe rather than a fault in the connector. The problem arises because the red pipe is not actually rated for the combination of temperature and pressure to which it is subjected. There has been a previous thread that identifies a thermostatic valve that can be (should be!) fitted to the hot output of the calorifier (heater tank) to reduce the temperature (by mixing in some cold water) before the red pipe. Apparently the latest Bavaria boats have this fitted as standard.

        The red pipe is a push fit into the tank connector but is gripped once inserted. The grip can be released by pushing the inner part of the fitting towards the tank and at the same time gently pulling the pipe in the opposite direction.

        I will post this response now and then see if I can find the previous thread regarding the thermostatic valve. If I can find it I will post again shortly.



            I was responsible for one of the posts Roger has found, but that pointed out that Bavaria had used the wrong fittings for the connections to the calorifier from the engine heat exchanger. The red pipe you have leaking is the hot water supply from the calorifier to the taps. This pipe and its fittings are standard plumbing available at most DIY outlets.
            Ours leaked after 8 years of use and we fixed it by pulling through some slack in the pipe, towards the calorifier and cutting off the end of the pipe where the white plastic fitting had been. We then fitted a new compression fitting, ( Bought 3, two for spares) same as the original and decided that if it took another 8 years before it failed we would not bother to fit the thermostatic valve that obviously does the business.
            Hope this helps.


              Many thanks for the information we have solved the problem by cutting off the plastic fitting and fitting a compression joint seems to work ok

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