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      2013 Cruiser 33 panel has constantly flashing light on Fridge switch, Fridge working ok but switch does not turn it off. Same problem now on instruments switch. Any ideas?

      Also no life at all in display for water and holding tank level displays. again any ideas?


        Hi hope you’ve sorted this by now?

        I can’t comment on your problem, I’ve only recently purchased my B34 Cruiser 2008. The Steaming light was flashing on the display, the survey confirmed this was due to a blown bulb. I have replaced this with an LED equivalent, however, the display light still flashing as if its a faulty light but it definitely is working.

        Did you find a reason/solution to your problems?



          Led bulbs don’t draw anything like the current of a filament bulb therefore it is possible that the sensing of the switch simply isn’t seeing it. My boat is a 2007 B42 and I have replaced all bulbs with LED and haven’t had this happen but I know it can, might be worth checking the various connections through the wiring.

          Re the fridge question, I believe the fridge is switched through a relay at the top of the panel which may well be faulty, the relays can be unplugged from the panel and  replaced.

          As a general electrical point Bavaria use a bus bar as a common point of contact for a number of the negative feeds. On this bus bar are two (sometimes  more) multipoint plugs well worth disconnecting them and checking for over heating and certainly that they are all making good connections.


            Ian I agree with the LED answer (it was my assumption too).

            I have also had problems with the water level meter. I traced it to a connection in the wiring to the the sender unit (in out case it was under the rear cabin bed. My guess is that it can be displaced (ie slightly disconnected) when servicing the engine (Or whenever the bed boards are moved) . In my case I squeezed them together and all was well. May be the same with the holding tank? To access that you would have to remove the wooden panel.


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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