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      We are all suffering one way or another with the present restrictions. I find myself in a situation which seems somewhat unfair and would appreciate any thoughts on the matter , good or bad!
      I presently have a B32 in a marina on the South Coast, I was due to depart on 2nd April on a delivery trip to her new port in Falmouth. Hence the marina contract (from previous owner) was ended on 1st April. Alas the lockdown stopped non essential travel and subsequently closed the marina. Now I was faced with an additional invoice for 1 month marina fees for April, yet I cannot access boat, dont want it in the marina and cannot use the majority of the services of the marina, except for it sitting there. Now May has arrived the same situation is likely to occur. I believe permanent berth holders will get a pro rata rebate for months they cannot use the facilities, however this does not seem to apply to those trapped on a monthly rate. Any thoughts on how to proceed?

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        Firstly I would speak to the owner of your new mooring and explain to them that you aren’t able to use the mooring as the boat is stuck elsewhere, and see if they will refund you a proportion of your new mooring fee.

        I would also talk to the current marina, also explaining the situation, and ask if there is any way that they can either reduce their fees or move the boat to somewhere cheaper for you.

        Unfortunately you are not alone. I too currently have 2 lots of moorings running and paid for, but am not able to get to or move the boat.

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