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      Hello there I wonder if anyone can help with a quick query.
      We have a Bavaria 38 Exclusive circa 1999 and I have been looking at the electrics with a view to changing to a Sterling charger. On removing the mains panel (Calira Sealine Panel 421) I have a question….the green LED has never worked and I am looking at replacing it. The instruction/user manual states it is the “mains indicator lamp”. Should this LED be on a) whenever the boat is connected to shore power (whether switched on or off) or b) only when the shore power circuit breaker is switched to on?

      It looks like I have found a suitable 230V LED on ebay to replace it once I have removed and tested, I just want to check it’s correct mode of operation if someone else has the same panel.

      Thanks in anticipation
      Alcyone of Argyll


        Hi I have the newer 302 Panel on our Yacht 2006 and the LED is on only when the breaker is set to on.


          Thanks Simon, having found a wiring diagram online it would appear that on the 421 it is on whenever shore power is connected. I’m having our electrician have a look with regards to replacing the charger and hopefully he will confirm either way.

          Thanks for your reply though…it at least lets me know the current thinking on that LED.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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