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      We have just had our lay up service and Motortech have reported that the two blade ally prop on our Bav33 is de-bonding from the neoprene boss. Slightly surprised as Nakatcha has low engine hours (180) for a 2006 boat. However investigating further came across this thread http://www.ybw.com/forums/showthread.php?t=168286 which suggests it is a common problem with saildrive props.

      Has anyone experienced this problem and made a successful warranty claim?

      Cost to replace is £186 plus vat, so wonder if anyone can recommend efficient alternatives, folding or otherwise?

      Many thanks



        We had no problems with our original prop ( we still keep it on board as a spare). We even lent it to another Bavaria owner that we met on holiday who had lost theirs in a fishing net incident. However if you have to replace yours anyway, I would strongly advise going for a 3 blade folding/feathering. I wouldn’t want to start another debate on the merits of different technical solutions / brands as by trawling the internet I’m sure that you’ll find 101 experts.

        However with our 3 blade feathering prop, we no longer have the resonant vibration at 1800 – 2000 rpm that our B37C had from new, we can point higher and have more power going forwards and more stopping power.

        With the boat show season coming towards us, now is the time to try and work out what you want and then find your way between the manufacturers to get a good deal!

        Good Luck



          Thanks Richard – good advice, which make did you go for with the three blade?


            If you decide to go for a folding prop you need to at least double the price you have been quoted.
            A 2 bladed volvo folding prop is nearly £500 and the 3 blader is closer to £800 I think. If you start looking at Varifold/feathering etc you can be over £1000.
            I have a Volvo 2 bladed folding prop on a 36 and am very pleased with it as the mechanics are very basic so it can’t go wrong. Emergency stops are a no no though so you have to anticipate other boat movements and avoid possible conflict situations as you can’t stop that quickly.
            As to your original post I would definately take it up as a warranty issue.
            Good luck.


              We fitted a 3 blade variprop made by spw in Germany. There are certainly cheaper solutions such as kiwi, versions with easier pitch adjustment: J prop, the “Rolls Royce”: max prop. Originally we were very tempted by the Volvo folding 3 blade prop with bizarre blade shape which had a certain appeal, but couldn’t find someone on the web to advise whether it worked in astern (well except volvo, but they would , like any manufacturer!)

              None of the above is a cheap alternative but they can improve performance under sail and get you back to the club more easily when the wind lets you down.



                Good news on the warranty claim and faith restored in Volvo. They have kindly offered 40% towards the cost of replacement parts and all arranged through the helpful services of Motortech on re-commission.

                Happy sailing

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