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      I have a 2003 Bavaria 38 with a Volvo MD2030 engine and saildrive. I need to replace the prop but Clipper Marine are unable to help with the size. I also tried Volspec who directed me to Clipper…
      The existing prop is 15″ diameter, I measured it the last time I dried the boat out, pitch unknown. Clipper say that the 15″ prop is only fitted to the larger engine. The engine seems ‘underpropped’ as it is. Can anyone help?

      Regards Paul


        Hi, I have hd a similar problem trying to size a folding prop for my Bavaria 37, found this on and hope it helps.


          Many thanks Scorcher

          On the spreadsheet you have kindly supplied does ‘datum’ mean year of manufacture do you think?
          I think my boat is a bit too old for the spreadsheet you have supplied.
          My boat is a B 38, not a ‘match’. It is the rear cockpit cruiser that is everywhere, not centre cockpit, not ‘sporty’.

          My engine and saildrive don’t match the data in the spreadsheet.
          My spec:
          Engine MD2030 – D
          Leg MS25S, ratio 2.47:1. Also known as a Volvo 120 I believe.

          However I do note that boats in the spreadsheet with the same spec engine and leg have a prop larger than 15″ Dia. This lends credence to my feeling that the boat is ‘underpropped’.

          Can anyone add anything to this? I need to replace my existing, rather tired prop soon. I will also be throwing the Stripper rope cutter away as it is damaging the leg where it locates on the Allen head fixings.


            Hi I think is 15 x 11 and Left hand prop



              The fixed two blader on CaSam was a 15 (B32 D120) although Volvo recommended the 16 two blade folding as a replacement (which I have now fitted).
              I would have thought that the 15 would be the smallest to fit?


                Hi and thanks for your kind responses. I think I need a 15 X 12 (Volvo PN: 21381264) or 15 X 13 (Volvo PN: 21381265) 3 bladed prop.
                I intend to err towards bigger / more pitch as I do feel the current prop isn’t loading the engine.
                Does anyone have a suitable S/H prop or know where I could get a good deal on a new one. I don’t want to spend £300 on an experiment…


                  Hi all
                  I obtained a 16 X 11 prop from a German outfit called Geboote24 (or similar – Google will find them for you) for 181 Euros ex VAT. Fitted a couple of weeks ago at RAF YC scrubbing grid. I did away with the rope cutter which had once again damaged and loosened the anode. We also scrubbed and antifouled Thunderbolt at the same time.

                  She now absolutely flies, helped by being cleaner no doubt but very pleased with the performance. Faster through the water and turbine smooth. A total success for not a lot of money. Interestingly a new prop cone, spacer, anode and various fixings cost £107.00, nearly as much as the prop…

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