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      does anybody have a issue from the prop whilst turning during sailing, causing the engine to vibrate, this has just only started after havin the boat for 4 years, i also had some some water in the engine bilge , when i put the throttle in forward or aft when sailing it stops , ant idea whats going on!
      it it okay to have the throttle in gear when sailing

      thanks rod conway ❓



        The prop on our Bav33 always causes vibration when the gearbox is left in neutral. I put it in reverse to stop the vibration, but Volvo confirmed that either in gear or out of gear will not harm the engine / gearbox.
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          Hi I had water in my engine bilge, the problem was that i had a leak in my water heater, if its not that then you may need to inspect the rubber seals to the sail-drive and all intake pipes. As far as the prop is concerned Volvo say that it should be in neutral whilst sailing, also inspect your prop as damage may cause the vibration. INKY.


            There seems to be mixed message from Volvo on whether to have the prop running free or locked in reverse. The risk with the latter is that you can’t easily move the control lever from reverse whilst sailing. I tried it once and that’s exactly what happened. Now I just let it spin (slight rumble that’s all).


              If you put the gearbox into reverse it stops the rumble (which we found annoying). However, as said, it locks the box and you can’t get it back into neutral easily. The trick is to start the engine with it locked in reverse and then it is easy to move it quickly to neutral.

              The ‘proper’ solution, though, is to fit a folding or feathering prop, which doesn’t cause the gearbox to lock, and gives you half a knot more sailing speed!


            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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