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      Our New Bav 30 a holding tank, complete with deck pump out point. Although our marina has a pump out facility it is difficult to access and so we have not yet pumped the tank out from the deck access point.

      What experience do forumites have of pumping out?

      When I look at the hose at the marina it looks too big to go in the pump out deck fitting (the deck fitting looks the same size as the water & diesel deck fittings), also the hose from the deck fitting down to the bottom of the holding tank has several tight bends in it.

      Twenty years now. Where’d they go?
      Twenty years. I don’t know.

      (Bob Seger, 1986)

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        I have had to pump ours out more than once because the tank blocked at the bottom bend near the stopcock. I did it by putting a bit of hose onto a handheld bilge pump, a clothes peg on my nose and off I went. It would also work if you taped the bit of hose pipe onto the marina pump out. Have fun!


          I also have a B30 with a holding tank. This was initially a problem because a blockage is inevitable given the small size of the outlet piping and the 90 degree elbow at the sea cock. Bad design! I tried to pump the tank out at Yarmouth IOW, but the facilities had been designed by one M. Mouse, so this was a no go. Also even the suggestion that I might use the facility caused me to fall from grace as far as the HM was concerned. Eventually I have discovered three solutions 1. Leave the seacock open offshore in lively conditions and the surge of seawater in and out of the sea cock has the desired effect. 2. rod from below 3. close the seacock, put 2 fingers over the vent nozzle (on the topside adj to the heads) and pump the head vigorously, then open the seacock. this is usually greeted with a satisfying “woosh”. Over pressuring the facility will of course lead to the interior of the boat being uninhabitable for about a decade or so! so be careful

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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