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      It appears that some Bavarias possibly the 32 34 36 & 41 definately the 38. Possibly do not meet Cat A requirements as stated.
      Cat A states that the cockpit sill height @ the companion way measured from cockpit floor has to be a minum of 150mm.
      If any other boats are below requirements please advise.


        Is this post a question?


          The post is not a question.
          I have now had it confirmed by an RCD consultant that the my 38 does not meet RCD cat A status.
          I wanted to know how many other boats are also affected.
          Opal know about this & tell me it is correct & they have nothing more to say.


            The modern thinking about “standards” is extremely flawed. Most boats pass RCD requirements without having to carry an anchor or have a solid clip on point for your harness. How safe is that!!!. To my mind the RCD is another example of European nonsence enforced upon us. In relation to my boat, it is not worth the paper it is written on and I would not make a sea going decision based on it.
            However I use my boat commercially occasionally and thus come under two other sets of regulations.
            The first one is the code of practice for small commercial sailing vessals which you can view at this link http://www.mcga.gov.uk/c4mca/mcga-mld-page.htm?textobjid=C423704CA95E9786
            This extensively covers design and safety criteria including build and add on accesories. My 34 is cat 2, 60 miles from a safe haven. The specification for this is that the height of the main hatch bridgedeck should be a minimum of 300mm. Twice what the original poster claims is in the RCD. To pass this you simply cut your washboard in two and fit a couple of sliding bolts to lock it in place.
            I also do sail training on it and thus come under a 3rd set of regs for sail training vessels, which are vigouresly enforced by the RYA. My 34 easily passes these requirements and thus gives me far more confidence than a set of nonsence from a faceless eurocrat.

            Regards Graham


              Thanks for the reply graham. The RCD cat A actually specfies that the vessel must have a fixed sill of at least 150mm (mine does not) Then there must be a further 150mm which can be removable (total height 300mm) my does not have that either. Yes an easy fix may be possible but thats not the point !!
              This whole problem has been discussed with Opal there reply is Bavaria said its correct & now there will not correspond with me any more on this subject. (so much for customer care )
              Ian Whitmore


                I don’t think they can do anything Opal are only the UK agents, if you want the design changed you really need to contact the manufacturer.


                  Opal could do plenty they just dont wont to admit there is a problem, How could they then sell boats on brokerage if they know . That would make certain Bavarias RCD cat B. Otherwise they face trade descriptions & varying other laws. As for Bavaria they wont even respond to any letters I have written to them. The customer service from them is even worse than Opal.


                    To update the RCD cat A problem.
                    Its now in the hands of trading standards.
                    Can anyone who also has a boat which is not compliant please let me know.

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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