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      Hi all,
      I have a Bavaria 36 with a Waeco top loading fridge as per most early 2000 boats.
      Does any one know of a refrigeration engineer in the Chichester area that can regass the compressor as it’s all leaked out.
      I’ve rung 4 today and left messages but no one has rung me back.
      And I don’t like warm milk on my Shreddies in the morning.
      PS if anyone wants to know the quick way of removing a blockage from the outlet on the holding tank just ask as I’ve had a really pleasant day today!


        I would be interested to hear your solution for the holding tank


          Hi Moodymike.
          I’m on the boat for the next few days but will post how I clear the holding tank blockage when I get back because the design on the 36 is absolutely appalling for access and I seem to have found a reasonable way if the blockage is bad enough to need rodding out. I.E can’t be cleared by pressurising the tank.

          Regarding re gassing the fridge compressor, after a lot more phone calls and asking around I came across Polestar Cooling (http://www.polestarcooling.com) based in Bognor Regis. The owner Richard was very helpful. I called him at 1030AM and he was on the boat by 3pm. Regassed in 15 minutes at a very reasonable price.

          He does not do a lot of marine work but is happy to travel to Chi and Portsmouth marinas if anyone else has any refrigeration problems.

          Word of warning. If you have a Waeco fridge ignore their website info for fridge installers/dealers as it is so out of date it’s unbelievable. Of the 6 I called in Sussex and Hampshire only 2 were still Waeco installers and those 2 could not do anything for at least a week.

          Also now I know that the gas in the compressor is R134 I can call any refrigeration engineer if it ever needs regassing again.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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