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      Good morning all,

      As new boat owners, Russ and I are looking to complete the necessary training courses, to enhance our knowledge and skills ❓

      I was wondering if any of you could recommend a company locally (Gosport/Portsmouth/Southampton), who you have either used previously or that come highly recommended, to provide RYA training? There seem to be so many out there with different price variations.

      Basically, we feel that the following courses are essential for us this year:

      VHF Radio Course
      First Aid

      For me (Lisa) Competent Crew

      Kind regards,

      Lisa – Jazzmine



        I remember we spoke about this at the new members’ rally earlier this year. You need to do a ‘competent crew’ course and Russ needs a ‘day skipper’. The VHF short range certificate is essential if you want to use the boat’s radio legally (assuming you’ve got a licence for the boat’s installation), the First Aid course is a very useful extra. The ICC (International Certificate of Competence) is another certificate issued by the RYA but, unless the rules have changed they will only issue it to holders of the Day Skipper certificate or higher. Personally I think the Day Skipper/Competent Crew combination is the one to go for.

        I would recommend either First Class Sailing based at Shamrock Quay, or Hamble School of Yachting, based at Mercury Yacht Harbour on the River Hamble. Both cover day skipper, competent crew and VHF certificates.

        Hope this helps

        Ian Culley
        B32 Another Fantasy


          Hi guys

          Check out John Goode’s old Southern Sailing. Although John moved on a while ago, S/S was always rated as ‘about the best there is’ and I suspect it’s not changed much. I did all my stuff with them and they teach proper sailing skills; not how to motor everywhere and then stick the sails up for an hour. I did Comp Crew / Day Skip / Coastal and Yachtmaster with them over a period of years. They teach you how to think about what you’re trying to achieve – e.g. warping out of a marina at 5 in the morning without waking everyone, conning up a river with a leadline, stuff like that. Absorbing, interesting and, above all, practical. They’re at http://www.southern.co.uk.

          Good luck



            + 1 for Southern Sailing as well.
            Don’t bother with ICC just do Day Skip and join RYA then you get ICC free.


              Well, well, well – an update to my two penn’th of a few days ago. We were out at the w/e and come time to start the motor, there was no water out of the exhaust. Engine off quick-sharp. The training from Southern 20 years ago was there straight away (because we’d practised over and over at the time). Sail clear of the fairway in Plymouth Sound. Identified a suitable mooring buoy, rolled up the jib and sailed up to it with just the main, spilling and filling by hand, and then being able to tie a bowline in less than 2 seconds through the ring. Safely attached whilst I refill the raw water strainer. Hadn’t had a boat for 14 yrs but the training was still stuck to the edge of my one remaining brain cell. I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t been shown.

              +1 for: ICC = Day Skip + RYA




                Having been sailing for 30 odd years and now on 3rd boat just did Day Skipper with Commodore Yachting in Gosport.
                Brilliant.would recommend to anyone

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