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      I have bent one of my red seacock handles due to a stiff ball after the winter layup.

      You have probably all been there somewhere on your boat – “just a wee bit more force and it will move”, followed by “damn”! I have now managed to get the ball moving fine with an adjustable spanner and a long paintbrush full of grease poked up the outlet.That seacock has always been stiff but is ok when in regular use.

      Does anyone know where I can buy these seacock handles? I don’t know if the seacocks have changed over the years, but my boat is a 2001 Bavaria 40 if that helps.



        I had a similar problem with my 2006 B39. I ended up changing the Seacocks & Skin Fittings for reinforced nylon TruDesign fittings. Easy to do and said to be maintenance free.



          Hi Alastair, silly question really but have you tried ringing Steve at Clipper to see if he can get you the handles?

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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