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      The retaining screws on the toe rail and stancheon bases of my 2005 B39 leak. I can feel the tips through the wood and they are always wet.

      I have tried to remove the screws in order to replace/reseal them to try and eliminate the leaks but find they are seized and cannot be removed. I presume this is due to corrosion.

      I am unsure whether the screws are Phillips or Pozidriv (or even Supadriv) but have been unable to find a socket for my socket set (1/2″ drive) that will take a 1/4″ hex screwdriver bit to get extra purchase on the screws. I think an impact driver would be too brutal and so far the heads are in tact so I haven’t resorted to a screw extractor. Has anyone had this problem and how did they solve it?


        From memory Paul had quite a problem on baby Hunros with leaking stanchion bases and he used Captain Tolleys Creeping Crack Cure with great success.
        IE left the screws in place but sealed them using CTCCC.
        I’ve never used it myself but have seen it in the chandlers and Paul swears by it.


          Baby H did indeed have the same problem.

          The stanchion bases are countersunk machine screws so you need to get to the underside of the deck and undo the nut from the screw rather than try and undo the screw from the nut, the toe rail uses self tapping screws so will come out with the right size driver head, some brute force and plenty of down pressure. I think from memory they are pozidriv but can’t remember the size.

          As Rick said, Captain Tolleys Creeping Crack Cure was the solution, but I did spend time making sure the screws were fitted correctly. In fact I had to replace a couple of stanchion base screws as the threads had been damaged during installation in the factory and the nuts wouldn’t fully tighten.

          I have a load of CTCCC left on the boat if you want to try it, it does leave a mark on the gelcoat unless you clean it up quick, but a quick wipe over with white spirit sorted it out.

          The full story is here….


            We managed to get the screw out using a variety of bits from a socket set. Put them back in after filling the holes and coating the threads with sikaflex. Makes a bit of a mess but just needs wiping off before it dries. Ran Capt Toleys along the joint between toerail and deck and fingers crossed any leaks we had have since ceased. Have had all of our stanchions up and once again sealed with sikaflex and placed more substantial washers under the nuts which has once again cured the water leaks.



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