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      Does anyone know where a new cabin door lock can be purchased. The spring in our aft loo door lock broke and is now only just hanging on! Although our Bavaria is from 1989 the locks are still current on the ranges. Help needed………….Neal


        Try ECS Marine Equipment I have used them in the past for Bavaria replacement bits.


          Did you manage to source your new door locks?

          On our 2006 Bavaria 30 we now have the same problem with both the heads and forecabin doors. I was advised we would need a complete door handle assembly which we ordered from Clipper in March 2009 – but gave up chasing after several months of failed attempts.


            Have you had any luck. I need to replace the one in the heads. In addition any idea how to remove the assembly. When I had a quick look last time I was down it didn’t seem straight forward as the handles seemed to have a locking pin which look a b****** to get out.




              I have a Bav 42 of 2005 vintage. I have had to replace the locks in both heads. I got them from http://www.southcomarine.com in Sweden. They are branded Mobella McCoy and are part No MA-R9342. They were not cheap at €55 each, just for the lock, but they work. You can unscrew the handle with a small Torex screwdriver to release the lock from the door. Hope this helps.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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