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      We have a B39 2006, with the standard Bavaria/ Techimpex stove. The oven has never been very good (that’s being polite), so we want to replace the cooker.
      Can anyone recommend a replacement that fits the extg space & has a decent oven?



        Just done the research on this, a Bainbridge ( used to be Plastimo) without the grill will fit. Only problem is top pan holders prevent the folding work top to close


          Check out Yachting Monthly they carried out tests on cookers in a recent issue. Think it was the May issue.



            Hi John
            Just as Moodymike has sugguesred fit Plastimo cooker from Bainbridge.
            It fits and I did this in March this year on my Bavaria 42 which has a very similar galley to the 39 ;which incidentally was my previous shared Bavaria.
            Make sure you get the extra gimble/pan holder set.You will also hvae to put a new steady bar and bolt at the bottom and drill a new hole for the lock bolt . It was an easy job
            I also made two wooden spacers up in the apperture to locate the gimble/swing brackets .
            I set my cooker low enough for the lid to close on top of the pan holders.
            I took out the old Bavraia cooker –6 years old it fell apart before it was down the ladder at the stern. Very poor quality.
            Another point is to make sure you have a new olive for the flexible coupling pipe and check the gas with soapy water around the joint.
            Peter Fryer ANAKAO

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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