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      I have a VP 2030D and need to fit new shaft seals to the cooling water pump.
      I have taken the pump apart and disengaged it from the engine but am unable to remove the shaft from the pump casing to get at the old seals.
      Anybody done this and can let me know what I am doing wrong?


        Hi Rick
        Never actually done this but would suspect the shaft / bearing is pressed into the casing. Is it not possible to remove seals with out taking it all apart.


          Hi Ian,
          According to the man at Motortech and the Volvo parts book the shaft needs to be withdrawn from the pump housing so that the seals can be slid off the back end of the shaft. There are two seals back to back by all accounts.
          I have two problems really. The engine end of the pump shaft has a dirty great sprocket on the end that I suspect has to come off before you can slide the shaft out of the housing and I can not get the locking nut off that holds it into the end of the shaft.
          Fortunately I have a fitter at work (ex submariner) who will have a go next week with his airgun so I hope to have better luck and be able to shock the nut off! He also has a puller so should be able to get the shaft out.
          Sods law isn’t it that what should be a simple job becomes a two week marathon.
          Catch up with you soon.


            Yes it is me again I think my boat has a sell by date, the water pump leaks now, what was the outcome of the March debate on replacing the seals. I have looked on the web and there does seem to be an easy way of replacing the water seal. Sundance how did you get on?

            Keith & Carole Wave Dancer


              Keith & Carole
              If you are refering to the recent posts on the YBW forum about being able to change the shaft seals without actually having to remove the pump housing itself then I do not believe this is possible on the volvo engine.
              The pump housing has to be disengaged and taken off so that the shaft can be removed from the housing, and to do this the locking nut is on this engine side of the housing and shaft.
              The seals themselves are then retained by circlips and again the oil side seal necessitates the removal of the shaft and housing.
              Taking the pump housing off is a simple matter but you will probably require a vice to hold the impellor end of the shaft to remove the locking nut.
              Replacing the seals is then pretty straightforward but make sure they go in back to back. Similarly re fitting the pump housing is simple once you get the cogs aligned.
              Also check for wear on the shaft when you replace the seals. If it is worn then for the sake of approx £10 you can buy a new shaft.


                It is probably just the front seal leaking. You can prise this out carefully after removing the impeller but leaving the shaft in situ. When you push the new one in, use a socket or something simiar to drift it in square. The seals are avalable from bearing services or whatever they are called these days, but I do not have the part No. anymore. Take your old one in and get few for the price of one from Volvo. Just make sure it is a SS spring inside. By the way, I have actually done this myself ( volvo 2020)
                Here is a link to a schematic of the parts



                  I have just replaced the water pump sea water seal on my MD2020D you can do this in situ by removing the bottom step which makes life a lot easier. Take off the cover and remove impeller, you can then see the seal. I removed the seal with a screw driver by gentley rotating the seal and it screwed itself out. clean up the housing, cover everything with the correct lube and push in the new seal with a socket. remember the spring side should face you. The other seal is a different story I am sure you will need to remove the pump unit.

                  I fitted a quick release cover this also makes life a lot easier.

                  For those of you who kindly offered advice on my water leak, it appears to have stopped.

                  And for any one interested in blocked holding tanks I have ordered one of the new a retro fit electric loo’s from Jabsco. when it finally arives I will post an update on how effective it is in preventing a blocked holding tank.

                  Keith & Carol Wavedancer.

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