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      have just had the rig tightend up by rig magic east coast as the rig was a bit loose.
      she does sail stiffer in a blow but now the front cabin door doesnt shut has anybody else had this problem achilles is nearly 3 years old and because peters went bust didnt have the first year rig check do i loosen of the fittings until door shuts or grin and bear it



        Not sure of which boat you have but is it a case that the door doesn’t shut only when sailing when the rig is under load or does it also not shut when moored up.
        If the former then that can be fairly common, especially if a lot of backstay tension has been wound on. If the latter then it sounds that the rig is too tight or the backstay tension has not been let off when not sailing.
        If backstay tension is slack and the door still binds when the rig is not under load I would ask them to come and slacken the whole rig off a bit until the door is free and see what you have. If the rig has to be unacceptably slack for the door not to bind then you have a more deep rooted problem I think.


          thanks for your reply door binds in the mariner will go down this weekend and take of the backstay and see if that helps as there is only the two of us door stay open anyway
          as we had guests the weekend a bit of a problem.
          we have a bavaria 37 cruiser 2007

          john and angela darrington


            I also have a 37 named Achilles, hence our user name of Achilles/Medway. Our port door does not close properly either. The probable reason is that the cap shrouds are probably tighter on one side than the other. Try taking a spinnaker or spare genoa halyard from one beam to the other and check the difference, allowing a little for the halyard possibly being offset at the head of the mast. never close our door there just being myself and the wife on board, so I haven’t bothered to correct it. Regards


              Further to my previous comment about changing the cap shrouds tension. I tried tightening on the opposite side and loosening on the side the door jams. Hasn’t made any difference. is the next attempt loosening both sides? My rig is very tight as set up by the rigger. easy solution. Just shave off the top of the door but will it keep going until you get a wonky boat!


                hi keith
                solved the problem dont shut the door riggers said it is set up for right tension, joked that they should set the rig up and then fit the doors on commision


                  With just the wife and I on board we dont shut the door anyway. Only when we are accessing the wardrobe in the fore cabin. As the door fitted when new, something has moved – so the question remains unanswered and it doesn’t matter anyway. The boat still does everything it should – except in bad weather!

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