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      Hello All, just bought a nice 2004 Bavaria 32, alas like so many with teh present situation she is stranded at Gosport pending a delivery trip to our home port of Falmouth.
      The boat is very well equipped, and over the winter I have removed cleaned and checked many parts, however I have rerigged the lazy jacks and they dont seem completely correct, I have only two lifting points on each side of the canvas sail bag with the third point near the mast for tying off the remaining downhaul of the jack, which seem excessively long. is this correct for a B32?

      best rgds dave

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        I would have expected 4 lifting points onto each side of the bag. These would basically by 2 bits of rope (from 1-2, and from 3-4), with stainless rings in the middle. The rings are then connected with another bit of rope, also with a ring in, and finally you attach a piece of rope to this ring which goes through a block at the spreader and back down the mast to a cleat. I can’t see how 2 attachment points on the bag is going to be enough.



          If your 32 is fitted with lazyjacks manufactured by CJ Marine of Chichester then the layout you describe is correct. I have a 32 with this type of packaway sailbag and the lazyjacks work perfectly.

          Regards Ian Culley


            Thanks Ian, I think your suggestion fits my situation, as the system does work well, however looks different to most other yachts. ill keep it as it is.

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