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      I expect this subject has been covered before but I cannot find a search facility.
      Our Bav. 44 2002 model suffered a failure of the gas cylinder – it rusted away and so I removed it. From other Forums I discovered that replacements can be purchased from SGS engineering in UK (in stainless) or Selden in original form. I have been in contact with SGS and they sent me a form with a diagram to be completed by me, re dimensions.
      I think the original Selden part was 308-072 with a 14mm diameter push rod and a 2500N force.The problem is that the old part has no part numbers on it, or they have long since disappeared.I have measured it as accurately as possible,and it seems that the push rod of 14mm diameter corresponds to the Selden part number mentioned above.Unfortunately Selden do not give the piston/push rod length or cylinder diameter so that I can specify these in the SGS diagram.
      Does anyone have experience of obtaining a replacement and do you think I am on the right track re original spec. sizing,force?
      Thank you, M.


        Here is an update: I have purchased a replacement from SGS in stainless and it looks very good. Now waiting for an opportunity to go to the boat to fit it.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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