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      I have a Bav.Ocean 42 with saildrive and a lead shoal keel and I want to fit a rope cutter. Has anyone fitted a ropecutter on a similar boat, and what make did they use? was it as successful as you hoped?

      Crid ‘Oceansong’


        Hi, I had a rope cutter by Ambassador Marine fitted three years ago to our Bav 40. It is made by a small company near Winchester. I think it is very good quality and found the company very helpfull. http://www.ropestripper.com.

        Regards, John.


          I also fitted the Ambassador Marine rope cutter to a 38 Ocean, which, I think, has the same engine/saildrive as the 42 Ocean.

          It is well made and straightforward to fit. You need a modified anode that Volvo supply. In fact, it is probably best to get the complete kit from Volvo – I don’t think it is any more expensive than buying it from Ambassador.


            Thanks for that Playtime and Loblolly. This will be my spring purchase (hopefully my birthday present).

            I was also interested to read about the SeaLift2 John. I will be trying that out next season. Certainly it seems less risky than a lift out (and cheaper).

            Many thanks.

            Crid, Oceansong


              Hi Oceansong,

              I fitted an Ambassador “Stripper” rope cutter in June this year to my 2004 38. I have had no issues with it. It took me about a half hour to fit – once I got the prop off – but that’s another story!

              Roger – Polace (Poll-r-chay)

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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