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      Does anyone know how long the gas bottle and oven rubber hoses last before they need replacement?


        I recently replaced the flexible hoses on our boat and went with the BSS recommendation of a 5 year service life. The new hoses that I obtained came with tags indicating that same service life.

        Hope that helps.


          Hi Ron The pipe should be dated


            When I inspect the hoses more closely I find that one of them has a yellow tag attached clearly stating the date for replacement in four languages. The writing on the actual hoses does not provide an obvious date for replacement.

            In my case the life of the hoses was 5 years and I have ordered the bottle and oven hoses and end fittings from the Spanish Bavaria dealer for a price of Euro 67.66 (appx 56 pounds) delivered to my Marina on the Costa del Sol.


              I have now installed the new gas hoses and would make the following observations

              Ensure that you use a restraining spanner on the two elbows where the hose connections are made. There are flats provided on the elbows for this purpose and you risk breaking the elbows if you do not use a spanner as the union nuts are screwed on very tightly.

              I found it easier to move the Oven in order to get to the elbow behind it. It is not a difficult job and makes access to the elbow much easier. I only moved the oven about 6 inches (15cm) away from the hull

              Please note that the union nut screwed onto the cylinder regulator is a left hand thread. The three other unions are normal right hand threads.

              Always ensure that you apply soapy water to all the remade connections in order to check for leaks.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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