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      Several owners have had problems with stiff steering, usually caused by binding of the lower bearing on the rudder stock. In some cases this has required replacement of the lower bearing.

      Although the bearings can be sourced through Clipper, it is cheaper and quicker to obtain replacements direct from the supplier.

      The bearings are designed by JP3 in France and manufactured/distributed by Seaway of Slovenia.

      JP3 contact details are as follows

      Christophe Quesnel cquesnel@jp3steering.com



      Recent (July 2010) correspondence with Seaway regarding a 38 Ocean is as follows

      Dear Mr. Roger,

      the prices for lower bearing for Bavaria 38 Ocean are:
      – lower ball: 39,00 EUR
      – lower housing: 122,00 EUR

      Currently we have this in stock, so it can be delivered in two working days after receiving the prepayment.
      For lubricant we use GRAISSE-3790 from Molydal.
      Our bearings have tolerance 0,5-1.

      If you need any other information please do not hestitate to contact me.

      Thank you.

      Z lepimi pozdravi / Kind regards,

      Ana Bencak
      Seaway Group d.o.o.
      Pot na Lisice 2
      4260 Bled

      Tel.: +386 (0)4 53 37 683
      Fax.: +386 (0)4 53 37 682
      Mail: ana.bencak@seawaygroup.eu
      Web: http://www.seawaygroup.eu

      There are also a couple of threads on the General and Hints and Tips Fora regarding the problem.



        The web site http://www.jp3steering.com/ seems to be dead.


          @dolcetto wrote:

          The web site http://www.jp3steering.com/ seems to be dead.

          You’re right!

          Seaway is still (a)live, though, although I haven’t contacted them since my original post.


            You could also try Jefa.com. They fabricate roller bearings of superior quality, supplying x-yachts, hanse, naiad and so on. They have the measurements for most Bavarias. Just changed mine in my bavaria 32 – cost was app. 160 pounds, and now there is absolutely zero friction in my steering:-) No affiliation…


              The ONLY rudder bearing to use that NEVER requires replacement is Vesconite. The Vesconite bearing is self lubricating does not EVER swell and can be manufactured and couriered any where in the world from Vesconite in South Africa.

              I battled for two years with stiff rudder. I had it machined with 0.25mm smaller than the original size by vesconite on the inside and outside diameter. The rudder can owe be steered with two fingers. Amazing difference. the site is http://www.vesconite.com. The cost of two bearings and two bottom waters is less than the price from Bavaria.

              No affiliation to Vesconite just received really good service.

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