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      My 2005 42 Cruiser is out of the water and I can detect a very small amount of play when I hold the rudder and try to turn it.
      Is this ok or is an adjustment needed and how is this done? ❓


        I suggest
        1. That you check all the linkages between the wheel and the rudder stock. Not familiar with a 42, but mine has a “motor bike” chain between wheel boss and first quadrant with a rigging screw in it and this needs periodic tightening. There are also a number of other linkages which require regular inspection and greasing (at least) between the wheel and the head of the stock.
        2. And, the rudder bearings themselves can be tightened by unscrewing a grub bolt, tightening the “nut”, actually a circular plate with a horizontal split in it, and then retightening the grub bolt. I have found this necessary every 1000 nm or so. The procedure is described elsewhere on the forum.


          Have significant amount of movement on my rudder at the point where the rudder post goes through the hull, and think it is not feasable to raise the rudder to tighten the bearings as the point of the rudder on the leading edge is allmost touching the hull, therefore would be grateful if someone could advise how to remove the rudder as i have removed the threaded lock nut, and the steering quadrant, but cannot withdraw the rudder…ed holmes Bavaria Holiday 35

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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