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      Hi guys, have a bavaria 35 holiday which has just been lifted out for annual overhaul prior to setting sail for the Med next year via rally Portugal, and have lots of movement at the bottom rudder bush, and having read several reports in Hints & Tips realise i need the rudder removal tool for the plate near the emergency tiller location point, does anybody have such a tool i could borrow, the boat is in gosport. thanks in anticipation Ed Holmes


        Hi Guys,found out did not need special tool to remove the threaded round nut that sits below the inspection hatch in the cockpit, but having removed this, and released the steering quadrant clamp, along with releasing the jubilee clip which prevents water from entering the boat, i find i am still unable to remove the rudder, it is free in movement but will not drop out. Can anybody advise me of what i have not done ????


          Not familiar with the arrangement on your boat, but assume the rudder stock is held by a top and a bottom bearing. It is possible that the top bearing has stuck to the rudder stock and is turning within its housing, in which case the rudder will turn but will not drop out. If i am correct you should be able to check, if you can see the top or bottom of the top bearing and watch it whilst someone turns the rudder. A block of hardwood on the top of the rudder stock and a heavy hammer should do the trick, or even better if you can get some form of lubricant down the stock and into the top bearing first.
          Best of Luck.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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