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      When we start our engine on our 2007 B33 after a few weeks of non use, a lot of light brown rusty water intially comes out of the exhaust. Is this normal and what is gradually rusting away? Is there any way of preventing this happening? Any advice would be much appreciated. Does it happen on all Bavarias / Volvo engines?
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      Is your engine seawater cooled or freshwater cooled (i.e. does it have a separate coolant system).

      If it’s seawater cooled, then it’s probably just some light rust from the block getting pushed out. If it has a separate coolant system then you shouldn’t see anything like that, as the seawater will only pass through the heat exchanger and then out through the exhaust, and if you have rust in the heat exchanger you have a potentially expensive problem brewing.


        Hi Bob,
        We have the standard D1-30 with fresh water cooling, but it has done that since it was quite new. On the second service Motortech noted it, but when I asked why it was happening did not suggest a cure. Since we have a standard installation, I would have thought everyone would have the same problem or none of us….? Any feedback from other owers would be much appreciated.
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        Just a quick thought.

        Does the water stay in your engine when its stopped, or does it drain away? I wonder if it’s water sat in the engine for long periods that’s doing it.

        As you say, you would expect all of them to do it.

        Hopefully some other people with the same engine will be along with comments.

        Sorry I couldn’t help more



          One to check out – or at least to be aware of!


          I did not get the rusty water but this could well be the cause!


        Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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