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      Lastchance is currently out of the water and I am going to change the Sail drive rubber which looks fairly easy to do plus have a freind to help thats done 3 others

      My problem is that I cant get the oil drain screw at the bootom of the Saildrive leg undone

      Has any one else had this problem and how is it over come, dont think using an impact dirce on the unit is a good Idea

      Lastchance Medway


        Mine has always unscrewed OK with a large screwdriver. It maybe that someone has used locktite on the threads in fear of the drain plug coming loose. I would get hold of a large screwdriver and grind the blade to achieve a good fit in the slot. make sure that the shaft of the driver has a hexagon section that takes a spanner. Hold in place with lots of upward pressure whilst a second person shocks the spanner end with a hammer. Sometimes a shock in a clockwise direction first will help to break the seal.
        The plug sits on a compressible washer that should be replaced, but I have only replaced mine once and have drained the leg 8 times.

        Good luck


          Changed the Sail Dive rubber seal at the weekend could not get the Oil drain Screw out so just undid the front. and let the oil drain into a bucket the complete job took 8hrs between 2 of us, Just as well I changed it as it was the original from when the boat was built in 1999 although it looks perfect, did find a leak in the Exhaust silencer that’s now being welded up, I dont think 1 pin hole leak after 15years is too bad, especially when you see on the internet that some have had to change them after 2 years

          Last Chance Medway


            Quite right Graham, looks like the older silencers were “built to last” – not like mine!!


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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