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      I have just purchased a 2007 Bavaria 37 with a sail drive D130 Volvo. I am aware Volvo recommend the seal is replaced every 7 years. I was just wondering what members views are on this? I was amazed to hear there were quite a few boats sailing around with 15-20 year old seals!


      From what I can understand, they come out after 7 years still looking like new. The question is – do you want to risk one letting go on you?

      A bit like cambelts.


        I am with Bob on this one. Your insurers will take any opportunity to hike your premiums or simply not pay out. It’s not a big job honestly. I have done one on a 32 its about 15 hours work. So doable in a weekend. You need to get your prep all done first like marking up the engine controls and cables which is about 2 hours work. I would say if you have not done one before it may seem a bit daunting sliding the engine forward and pulling the leg up into the boat, but if you do it step by step and follow the process…. I will be doing mine on Impavidus in 4 years time, I will do it myself over a weekend. Bob or myself, or some other club members can talk you through it. If your local I can probably lend a hand for a bottle of Blue Sapphire 🙂



          Thanks Ant for the offer of help. I am getting Volvo to do it due to lack of free time over the coming months. Hope to see you on the water! Cheers Andrew

        Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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