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      I have a Bav 36 with MD2030 engine and MS25S saildrive (2002). Just wanted to check what oil others used in the saildrive. Is it diesel oil or ATF / Dexron type oil? I thought there was a post sometime ago on this site about this issue but I can’t find it now.



        I use ATF fluid in my B32 Volvo 2020 engine (2002 vintage). I buy it from the local Volvo Penta agent as a Volvo named part but I’m sure you could get the same stuff from Halfords, probably a lot cheaper!!! Seems OK.


        Ian Culley/Another Fantasy


          I agree wth Ian. I also have a Bav 36 with the same saildrive as you and Motortech confrmed to me only a week ago that it should be ATF, not engine oil despite what the engine manual says. Apparently VP sent a notice out to all their service agents back in 2005 but unless you specifically ask what to use they don’t tell you. Cost a weeks ago for 2 Litres of VP ATF was £9.98.
          Other legs eg the 120S are still usng engine oil as far as I know


            I have lots of stories on this one.

            Volvo Penta Australia advised me in 2004 to use engine oil if the saildrive is attached to a 2020 (19hp) and the gear oil if attached to the 2030 (30 hp)

            On my recent trip to the Whitsundays and back which was mostly motoring (approx 2000 nm) through lack of wind (but that is another story) I had to do a few more oil changes than expected. While talking to various mechanics when purchasing oil I was advise of every possible combination as what I should be using.

            One story is that the heavier engine oil makes the S120 run quieter but the light gear oil is necessary for the higher gear loads when attached to the 30hp.

            Now all that is a useful as ??????. Suffice to say I have been using VP engine oil in my B34 for the last 5 years.



              Have a Bavaria holiday 35 1996, with a 2030 saildrive and have allways used engine oil as instructed in the engine manual, and my boat has over 4000 engine hours, and have never had any problems. Ed Holmes


                Thanks to you all for the information. I am using Dexron ATF III and all seems OK. Seems really odd that there should be any need for the conversation at all really???

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