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      The settee backs in the saloon of my B34 hinge upwards to reveal a spacious(!) berth on either side of the saloon. Is there a cunning way to keep the seat backs raised – there are poppers fitted but I wouldn’t rely on these if I was sleeping there! Other than tying the seat backs up with a line I suspect there is a logical solution to this but I can’t see it !



        We have the standard fabric straps and poppers on our B34 and have sailed the Irish Sea for 5 years.
        Never had the berths come down in any weather and we have had some hard long sails to Ireland and Scotland.
        It may be that the webbing straps from our lea cloths help as these go back to the top rail above the locker doors, but we only use these in the worst weather.


          Hi Alan and Sheila

          I would be interested in seeing some pics of your lea cloths, I assume you made these yourself?

          I have a B36 and was thinking of adding some lea cloths to my berths.




            Dear Alan and Sheila

            Many thanks for that – very reassuring!




              Sorry i have not responded sooner but i have been out of the Forum for some time having inadvertently forgotten to pay my subs. i eventually found why i could not access the Forum and payed up to avoid further embarassement.

              regarding the lea cloths, i cannot let you have pics just now as the boat is on her summer mooring Menia Straits and i am off to Spain until mid October.

              I had the lea cloths made by a friend who does boat canvas covers, dodgers etc. he gave me good advice with the design. The lea cloth should be a minimum of 300mm above the berth cushion and the length should be kept short enough to allow the person in the bunk to get out in case of an emergency, without having to unclip the lea cloth. we left ours about 400mm short at each end.
              The top edge of the canvas and each end is finished with 50mm webbing, the end sections forming the holding straps upto two ring bolts fixed through the strong toprail of our built in cupboards. The straps are adjustable using a similar but larger arrangement to the snap buckles on oilskin trousers. This allowes adjustment of length and quick release.
              The bottom edge has a battern sewn into a pocket and this is simply screwed down to the plywood base of the berth just under the front edge of the berth cushion.
              If you still need pictures let me know and i will sort on my return from Spain.


              alan & Sheils

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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