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      I know showers have been discussed before but my bavaria 32 is concerning me. I know the drain point is not at lowest by design great shame. Regardless of this is the operation to drain simply to hold press switch on continually or as seems to me to switch on for short bursts . Either way it is very slow to drain. I tried to remove the grating in floor and assume filter below but couldn’t having removed the screws raise it enough. Should this be cleaned out occassionally as my pump effort has very limited effect? If so whats the knack? 😐


        On my Bavaria 32 the filter for the showerdrain is under the wash basin in the cupboard. Mine was clogged with fluff, when cleared it was fine.


          . Ok I will look in cupboard Thanks. But the grill in floor(shower drain) Is this not a filter also and how do you remove having removed the 3 screws? It seems captive?


            I have to pass on what is under the floor of the shower drain. I haven’t removed the drain there. All I know is that there is a filter in the pipe to the shower drain pump and that clearing that solved the problem!


              Sorry late reply. Thanks will try looking there.


                The filter on mine is in the cupboard under the sink but you have to look carefully as it is hidden high up behind a pipe of similar diameter. I have to unscrew if by touch as it is out of sight.

                The grill on the floor should just lift out when the screws have been removed. It may just be stuck with dirt etc.




                  Mine is also under the sink with a clear plastic cover that you unscrew to reveal mesh type filter. 😛


                    I guess that you have worked out the best way by now for your boat. for CaSam because the pump is self priming, it is on continous whilst there is plenty of water – then bursts to let the last settle and clear.

                    Always a good tip to rinse it through too after so that the pump does not get a build up of soap and grime etc.


                      Even with a clean filter etc. it still used to take a long time to empty the shower tray on Playtime. I found the push button switch arrangement hard to push for minutes on end so replaced it with a normal single pole, single throw (on/off) switch with a waterproof cover.

                      It was one of the simplest and best mods I made to Playtime!

                      I also made the same change to the macerator pump push button (identical to the shower push button) for the same reason.

                    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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