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      After a number of years in Greece getting extremely hot in the cabin, because air-cooled fridge/coldbox is pumping out heat. We have decided to convert it to a keel cooled one.
      Unfortunately, when we left the boat in Greece, we did not measure the exact size of the container and this is now needed to get the right size of evaporator. Is there anyone who could message me with the sizes of the side and end? Ours has a little shelf at the one end of the box but the evaporator would not go above this, but would be bent to fit round the end of the box.
      If someone could do this it would put my mind at rest that we are buying the right one!

      As the coldbox appears to have been put in the boat before the kitchen worktop was put on, has anyone any ideas about getting at the outside of the coldbox?


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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