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      I’m thinking of replacing my CQR by a 20Kg Spade (S100) on my Bav42 but as the boat is in Greece I have no possibility to test fittings etc. using the templates the manufacturer provides. Can anyone tell me if the Spade will fit the standard bow assembly?


        We have a 20 kg Spade on our B39 2006. No problem with fitting on the bow roller and it sets and holds very well. The retaining pin which secure the Bav CQR copy won’t work but I had 2 plates made to raise the pin over the top of the anchor stock and this works well. We also always tie off the anchor to the pad eye in the anchor locker.
        Lazy Pelican is ashore at Ionian Marine, Preveza, if you want to have a look.



          Thanks John, It seems from your response plus what I’ve managed to learn from other sites etc. that it shouldn’t be a problem.


            Swapped the CQR on our Bav 38 for a 20Kg Manson Supreme. Bit of a B** to stow due to the shape of the stock but it goes down and sticks every time, even on a short scope. Eery night has been a good one. Had a blow in Greece and it held fast, even when a 50ft catamaran caught it. Best buy we have made. Can be seen in Gouvia Marina. Hope this helps. Lucky Break.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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