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      My ST60 wind instruments suddenly stopped working (indicators went to 0). I’ve checked the wiring for obvious loose connections but all seems fine. The indicator at the top of the mast rotates and the wiring at the top of the mast seem fine as well. I’ve also checked that I’m getting power to the intruments.
      In addition, and I’m not sure if this is related, my tri-colour has stopped working. (not sure when it stopped, last checked in November). This is a definite wiring problem as I have power at the bottom of the mast but not at the top. Is rewiring a fairly simple task 😉 or does the mast need to come down. Any advice appreciated.

      Many thanks



        Have you tested with a meter?


          Yep, Tested the lights and ST60 with a meter and got the voltages expected 😥


            If your masthead light is showing current through it should work. Regarding the wind instrument, if a voltage is coming down then your display is suspect.


              Sorry mis-understood. The tri-color has a wiring fault, I have voltage at the bottom of the mast but not at the top, hence my re-wiring question. With regards to the wind instruments I’m with you and leaning towards a faulty unit. My next course of action is to disconnect the close hauled instrument to make sure it’s not dragging the main one down. If that doesn’t work then I’ll take both instruments and the wind vane at the top of the mast off and send back to Raymarine for a check over. Thanks Jim


                Good idea. You are going to have to visit your masthead anyway. I don’t see why you have to drop the mast unless you have another reason. If your mast wiring is okay then its just a matter of sorting it out at either end.
                Having said that if you have another reason to drop the mast then it is infinitely easier to sort out your instruments etc. with the mast down on trestles.


                  Try the connectors at the bottom ebd first, then the top. You may have a high resistance or open circuit where the wire has come adrift inside the plug or pin of the plug?




                    Maybe you have sorted the problem by now. But I had a similar problem and also a friend of mine on our 42’s..

                    Our wire had worn through where it feeds into the bottom of the mast on the DECK. We had checked a few times and never found it. But after days of pulling our hair out searching we checked again this time we put a little more effort into turning the wires and found they had worn.

                    Our 12volt and raymarine cable wore through. We managed to solder all of them and re sealed it with a little more added padding. The raymarine cable can be very expensive to replace.

                    Anyway would be interested to hear if you sourced your problem.



                      That’s exactly where I had my problem. It wasn’t obvious as the heat shrink used makes it difficult to find. I knew it was a wiring/connection problem because I’d tested with a meter. Once I’d bitten the bullet to rewire the problem was found. With the wind vane I had two problems. Fortunatey I’m based in Port Solnet which is 10 minutes from Raymarine. I bought a new cable on a sale or return basis. Tested the wind vane and it didn’t work. Sent it to Raymarine for fixing (they found a loose wire)only to find it didn’t work when I got it back. Got the cable back from them again and tested and it did work, so it was pointing to another cable problem which the heat shrink around the wind instrument cable was masking….. Oh joy Thanks Jim

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